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How to properly build your bare strut into a complete assembly?

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The first step when building your strut would be properly priming the seal. Why you ask? During shipping when the strut is placed on it’s side, It allows the oil and gas to be mixed together. When this happens there is an impact on the damping effect of the strut, when you prime the unit it moves the gas from the working chamber, and allows the strut to dampen properly. A strut that is not properly primed can be misdiagnosed as defective, so it is important that the strut is primed before the unit is built.

How to prime the strut:

  • 1.Place the strut on the floor with the piston facing up.
  • 2.Use your hand, and slowly push the strut shaft down, and let rebound back up.
  • 3.Repeat step number 2 up to 8-10 times.
  • 4.Your shock/strut is now ready to be built, or installed.

A second crucial part in building your strut is making sure you are using the proper torque value for the center nut. You also want to make sure you transfer any washers that may be on your original unit (ONLY WHEN APPLICABLE)

An improperly torqued center nut can cause the following:

  • 1.Squeaking and creaking when turning your vehicle.
  • 2.Rattling, from the spring shaking within the strut.

If you are following the above directions when building your strut you will eliminate the possibilities of any creaking or squeaking sound. As well as knowing that your strut is working how it should, because the strut was properly primed. 

Pictured below are the common components needed when building your strut.

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